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The Euros, alcohol and ADHD: You Will Regret This Tomorrow. So Why Are You Doing It?

Impulsivity is equal parts exhilarating and dangerous. When this ADHD symptom leads to self-destructive behaviors, good old-fashioned willpower is no use.

Learn how to name your bad habits honestly, inventory their negative consequences, and release yourself from their grip.

The UEFA European Championship, commonly known as the Euros, is one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world. The excitement, the camaraderie, and the sheer passion for football can be intoxicating. For those with ADHD, the highs and lows of such events can trigger impulsive behaviors that are exhilarating yet dangerous.

If you have ADHD, you know all about impulsivity — taking action or saying something without thinking about it first. There can be some benefits of impulsivity — taking risks that can pay off, for instance. However, the problem with taking action without thinking about it is obvious. During the Euros, this impulsivity can manifest in several ways:

  1. Drinking Too Much: The excitement of the game, the social pressure, and the celebratory atmosphere can lead to overindulgence in alcohol. The next day, you're left with a pounding headache, anxiety, a foggy mind, and a deep sense of regret.

  2. Engaging in Promiscuous Behavior: The euphoria of a win can lead to risky sexual behavior, driven by impulsivity and the heat of the moment. The aftermath can be a mix of regret, shame, and potential health risks.

  3. Overspending: Buying rounds of drinks, betting on games, and purchasing memorabilia can quickly add up. The financial hangover can last much longer than the actual hangover from alcohol.

  4. Eating Unhealthy Food: The convenience of junk food during games is hard to resist. This leads to feelings of guilt, lethargy, and the frustration of not meeting health goals.

Make a List of Negative Consequences

One strategy to combat these impulsive behaviors is to make a list of the negative consequences. Write them down on a 3x5 index card or input them into your smartphone. Reflect on the bad things that happen when you give in to impulsivity:

  • Drinking too much: Leads to regret, hangovers, and missed responsibilities.

  • Engaging in risky behavior: Results in emotional turmoil and potential health risks.

  • Overspending: Causes financial stress and guilt.

  • Eating junk food: Leads to health issues and unmet fitness goals.

Review Your List Daily

Reviewing this list daily is crucial. Think of it as a preventive measure, like taking vitamins to ward off a cold. Use reminders on your phone or place the list where you'll see it regularly. This constant reinforcement helps bridge the gap between impulse and action, giving you a moment to reconsider.

Call It What It Is

Naming your destructive behaviors can also help. Recognise and label them for what they are: harmful habits that impede your progress and happiness. This clarity can empower you to take control and make better choices.

Real-Life Example

A client, Dan, struggled with impulsive internet porn consumption. By listing the negative consequences — from potential computer viruses to diminishing real-life intimacy — and reviewing them daily, he gradually reduced his usage. This method helped him regain control over his life and relationships.

The Euros can be a thrilling time, but for those with ADHD, it can also be a minefield of impulsive behaviors. By honestly naming your bad habits, inventorying their negative consequences, and reviewing them regularly, you can release yourself from their grip. Remember, impulsivity is part of ADHD, but with mindful strategies, you can enjoy the Euros without the regret.

P.S "It's coming home!"

Best your ADHD coach,


The Euros are synonymous with thrilling matches, last-minute goals, and nail-biting penalty shootouts. But this year's tournament has also brought about a surge in searches for "match schedule," "live scores," and "top goalscorers." The hype around star players like Kylian Mbappé and Cristiano Ronaldo, along with trending hashtags such as #EURO2024 and #FootballFever, can make it even harder to resist the pull of impulsive behaviors. With major games streaming live and social media buzzing with real-time updates, it’s easy to get swept away. By staying mindful

and keeping a list of negative consequences handy, you can enjoy the thrill of the championship without falling into regretful habits.

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