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I won £300k and missed the deadline. the true cost of ADHD TAX

Living with ADHD can come with its own unique set of challenges, from missed deadlines to forgotten tasks that end up costing us more than just time and money. In this guide, we will explore the concept of the "ADHD tax" and how it can impact our daily lives. By sharing

personal experiences and practical tools to help you stay on track, I aim to empower you to better manage your ADHD symptoms and navigate life more effectively. Stay tuned to discover how you can take control and thrive despite the challenges ADHD may present!

The Scratch Card Incident: A Close Call

Imagine the shock of thinking you've won a £300k jackpot on a scratch card, only to realize you've missed the window to claim it. That's what almost happened to me, and it's a prime example of the ADHD tax in action. The 180-day clock ticked away as the card sat forgotten, a potential life-changing prize slipping through the cracks of distraction and procrastination. Although it turned out to be a false alarm, the scare was real. It underscored a painful truth for those of us with ADHD: our difficulties with time management and attention to detail can lead to missed opportunities and real financial losses. This incident isn't isolated. From uncashed checks to unclaimed rebates, the ADHD tax takes a toll on our finances and emotional well-being. It's a stark reminder of why managing ADHD effectively is crucial.

Parking Tickets and Unreturned Parcels: Small Oversights, Big Consequences

ADHD can turn small tasks into significant setbacks. Take parking tickets, for example. A minor oversight like overlooking a parking time limit can lead to a fine. If paid within the typical 14-day period, the damage is minimal. Miss that window, and the cost often doubles. For someone with ADHD, such delays are common, and the financial burden adds up quickly. The same goes for unreturned parcels. Retailers usually have a return window. Miss it, and you're stuck with items you don't need and funds that could have been recovered. These aren't just minor annoyances; they represent a pattern of ADHD-related challenges. Forgotten tasks and missed deadlines can have larger implications, reinforcing the importance of strategies to manage time and attention. Recognising these pitfalls is the first step in mitigating the ADHD tax and its impact on daily life.

A Tool to Never Miss a Deadline Again


Here's how to do it, on your phone open up your NOTES page and write the title: DEADLINES.

Then select the tick option on your notes, next to this you need to write out the event type. for example:

◻️ASOS package. Return deadline. 03.05.24. (insert link to asos log in to generate return) Add a reminder to calendar to ping as an event 3 days before to action this.

◻️Parking ticket. 14 day Deadline. 05.04.24. (attach picture of parking ticket with PCN information)Add a reminder to calendar to ping as an event 3 days before to action this.

This super simple hack has saved me so so so so many head aches and saved me so much money. Give it a try and let know how you get on!

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